Who am I?

Originally, from Corsica, born in 1955, I have a dual French and American citizenship.

I now live in Malibu, California.

I started my modeling career in France at age 30, which is normally age of retirement for modeling. A few years later, I became a model for The Ford Modeling Agency in New York City.

I was a pioneer being one of the first models with silver hair.

My first love, since childhood, is photography.

My Vision

I like being real with my body and my work.

That’s why I accept my Moon hair and my wrinkles, they are witnesses to a rich and intense way of life.

I grew up in nature; I have always adopted a way of life that is very balanced, healthy, spiritual, and in tune with nature.

I have been practicing Yoga for over 30 years.

My quest for “Beauty” is in the simple little things of everyday life.

My Work

In 2000, I started taking my first self-portraits in New York, it frustrated me not to recognize myself in some of the retouched photos in my portfolio!

This hobby has become a work in its own right.

Today, always a model (photo and video), I am often, both in front of and behind the lens for different brands leading styling and artistic direction.

As a photographer, I work in natural outdoor light, when possible.

I have displayed several exhibitions of my different works (self-portraits, portraits, landscapes, and still life).

I am very active on social media networks; I have a collective of over 250,000 followers.

A Social Entrepreneur

As an artist not only visual but also manual, I appreciate and value the work of artisans.

I promote and share their work with the world in a social entrepreneurship with Nepal using my talents as model and photographer to create beautiful visuals of their wearable art pieces.

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