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Image of Yazemeenah Rossi holding a bottle of her perfume sitting on rocks on the beach
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Top Notes:


  • Citrus
  • Salt accord
  • Calamus

Heart Notes:


  • Honeysuckle
  • Fig
  • Jasmine

Base Notes:


  • Helichrysum
  • Insence
  • Cistus



  • Family of Green Citrus

The perfume was inspired by the scents of Corsica in the spring, the island where Yazemeenah grew up, and by her childhood memories, moments and emotions that are universally shared.

The citrus fruits used in the perfume, especially the citron, add brightness. The scent of honeysuckle and jasmine, radiant and shimmering, unfurls over the island and spreads through the warm woods, transporting us into a sensual, sophisticated, and sun kissed paradise, heady enough to evoke the sea.

“Yazemeenah” is the name of the model who has collaborated on this latest olfactory project. She is a well-known model and photographer, who started her career in France when she was 30 years old. Her videos and photos have inspired poems and spirituality, in addition to shedding an important light on the world of holistic and meditative experiences. She shares content on her beauty, well-being, and lifestyle on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, spreading her ideas on a global level.



A story of seasalt, citrus, and sunlight captured in a bottle.

For many years every time I was on vacation on the island of Corsica, I brought back essential oils to combine into my beauty care rituals. Dreaming of a perfume made with all the scents related to these memories when the Universe brought Maria into my life by a very strange set of circumstances. When I heard her name deep inside my heart it was like a gong, I felt a strong desire, and inner knowing that she would create the perfume of my memories of Corsica.


This perfume is connected to the memories of a little girl growing up in the pristine Nature of Corsica, the mystic and wild island which made me who I am today natural and authentic. Growing up we lived in a luxurious austerity, a simplistic life in collaboration and connection with Nature.

This fragrance speaks of resilience, creativity, beauty, of simplicity and goodness.

It is wild, mysterious, generous, & healing.

This fragrance has something raw and wild but refined, purely imprinted with golden light, something primal in the essence of the wild plants of the Mediterranean shores known as the maquis; these plants and flowers grow in the rocks, along the rivers and beaches, and the diamondesque sparkle of the seasalt.

In the mid-fifties, we had a very simple and grounded life with my grandparents, we didn’t have electricity or running water, but we had the most pristine river to bath surrounded by trout, eel, turtles, birds, and dragonflies.

My grandfather grew fruits and vegetables, and I harvested happily with him. I remember this strange citrus fruit, Cedrat, from which my grandmother made delicious candies.

A wonderland for me, as a little girl between 2 and 4 years old, I was just starting to speak and was fascinated by this abundance of beauty and goodness of Mother Nature.

Under the giant Fig tree we collected the water to drink coming from a rock spring, my grandmother was telling me magic stories while we waited to fill the jug, which she carried on her head.

The sun danced through the leaves enhancing the strong scent of the fig tree and creating mesmerizing light and shadowy effects.

These first visions created by the light on water imprinted me for life and instilled in me a passion for photography to share the fulfillment of my soul with the world.

Yazemeenah Perfume the bottle at sunset
Yazemeenah and Perfume in the sunshine

A portion of the proceeds is given to the children at the Destitute and Orphan Children Safeguarding Foundation.

Learn more and donate directly at Docsfnepal.org

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