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Beyond These Beautiful Shawls…

The weave you see of our shawls is a lot more beautiful than the spaces in which they are woven – and that’s why we do them. They’re handwoven in Nepal, that misses the methodical multiplication of its neighbour China carried over into mass delivery. These Cashmeres are, as we went to see for ourselves and as we invite you to see for yourselves here, the exquisite output of families in Kathmandu still struggling to cope with the devastation of the 2015 earthquake.

That gives us fewer shawls but individual pieces: no two look quite like one another. The makers (we won’t call them manufacturers) can then give us just the texture and colours we look for. Just a few people with their hand operated looms in little spaces here and there, the way it used to be, before factories next door began to spin for malls.

When the warm style of these shawls brings us that unique look, it reawakens enterprise in these little corners of Kathmandu. Some of
the spinoff arising supports children at the Destitute and Orphan Children Safeguarding Foundation.

Call it a shawl, of course, but call it also goodness all round.

Made with the finest cashmere in Nepal on hand looms with lock finishing
Each piece is unique and has its own personality
Dimensions 60” x  100” (1.5m X 2.5m) 

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