Yazemeenah Rossi was born in 1955 and is originally from Corsica, France.

Her life is one of inspiration and natural beauty.photo of Yazeemenah Rossi, with long gray hair, in a blue denim shirt. Photo By Armel Vittini


Yazemeenah Rossi’s Modeling Career:

At age 28, Yazemeenah became an accidental model in Paris after filling in for a model who was sick.

Throughout her career, she has been in several films, commercials, catalogs, print ads, magazines, and an over 50 model in diversity advertising campaigns.

Because she has never dyed her hair since the first strand appeared at age 11, she naturally became one of the iconic faces of the gray hair movement.


Yazemeenah Rossi’s Fine Arts Career:

Yazemeenah Rossi is not only a well-established international model; she is also an inspirational artist in all fields of her life. A self-taught fine art photographer. Her images and videos instinctually express a poetic, meditative, spiritual, and holistic experience.

Throughout her life, she has learned other fine arts: pottery making, jewelry making, fiber arts including knitting, and now her beautiful shawls become works of art in her videos and photography.


Pro-age Advocate:

An advocate for all ages, Yazemeenah shares her beauty, wellness, and simple lifestyle openly on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

“Embrace who you are and cultivate your uniqueness because you are a miracle and nobody is like you.


Social Advocacy and Social Entrepreneur:

Yazemeenah’s work combines the sum of her acquired experiences as a visual artist, photographer, designer, and model. Currently her personal fashion style is conveyed promoting her hand made shawl’s collection.

She is a social advocate for Nepalese artisans; she gives back to this community with a percentage of each sell of a shawl going to the Docs Foundation Nepal a small orphanage in Kathmandu.


For modeling, photography, or shawls inquiries please email Yazemeenah directly.


Most Frequently Asked Questions About Yazemeenah Rossi:

What nationality is Yazemeenah Rossi?

Duel Citizenship of France and United States

How old is Yazemeenah?

68 years (December 21, 1955)

How tall is Yazemeenah Rossi?

5′ 8″

Is Yazemeenah Rossi married?


Does Yazemeenah Rossi have children?

She has a son, a daughter, and two grandchildren.

What does Yazemeenah Rossi eat?

Mostly a seasonal, local, and vegetarian diet…

Is Yazemeenah Rossi vegan?


Does Yazemeenah Rossi drink alcohol?

On the rare occasion…

Has Yazemeenah Rossi had plastic surgery?


What shampoo does Yazemeenah Rossi use?

Yazemeenah uses mostly organic body, skin, and hair care products.

How does Yazemeenah Rossi stay fit?

Yazemeenah practices yoga, hikes the local area regularly, and uses a stationary bike workstation at home.

Are Yasmina Rossi and Yazemeenah Rossi the same person?

Yes, several years ago Yazemeenah changed her name to look phonetically the way it sounded when her beloved grandmother called her name.

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